Along with the Alliance Canada, we have made this our vision prayer:

O God with all our hearts we long for you. 

Come, transform us to be Christ-Centred, Spirit-Empowered, Mission-Focused people

multiplying disciples everywhere!


To support living out that vision, we are seeking to Live Different in the following ways:

  • Pursuing Holiness
    • Living Different means choosing to pursue being set apart by God and for God. It means longing for God and in relationship with him being transformed in our purpose, our character, and our thinking. To be shaped more like Jesus.
  • Purposeful Hospitality
    • People matter beyond measure to God. We want to have the same heart for people that God does - valuing people of all kinds. We demonstrate that love through intentional hospitality, like Jesus did when he shared meals with people and shared about the kingdom of God with them.
  • Posture of Surrender
    • In a world where we hold up our rights as a virtue, we choose to surrender our rights and live sacrificially and obediently to the call of God. This is what Jesus did. And we follow Jesus in doing the same.