Stations is a self-directed, reflective time intended to put our focus on the cross of Jesus and our own journey with him.

There are 8 of the Stations of the Cross in this booklet, and the intent is that you drive to the stated locations around town and park there while you do the reflection for that station in the booklet. For each of the stations, this booklet contains:

  • a reflective reading
  • instructions for what to do at the station
  • and a scripture reading

What you need to bring with you:

  • a handful of coins
  • some paper, scissors, and a few pens
  • some bread & juice for Communion

Take your time as you go through the stations. There is no set start or end time, so take your time, slow down, and allow God to speak to you as you invest this time with him. 

Feel free to do this as an individual or a family, respecting current isolation guidelines.

If, at some point during your journey through stations, or after you’re done, you’d like to process some of this with a pastor or pray through a particular issue, please feel free to reach out.

Before you begin, take a minute (or longer if needed) to breathe, and then quiet yourself before Jesus and ask him to meet you as you go through this experience today.

And now your journey begins…

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