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On November 18, 23 daughters and their dads went out for tea. However, the day was about much more than just tea. On this November afternoon, these girls and their dads had a very special date together where they enjoyed high tea with all the trimmings and experienced some great moments together as the dads shared their hearts for their daughters. During the course of the tea, each dad took a turn, stood, and blessed his daughter, sharing what he saw in her - talents, beauty, fun things, and even her future. Some dads had to stand up multiple times as they blessed each of their daughters. 

By the looks of adoration and wonder on the girls as they looked up at their dads while they shared the blessing, it was clear that this was an afternoon very well spent. It was incredibly touching and fun to hear the stories of the many families represented and see dads step up and express their love for their daughters in such a thoughtful and meaningful way. This will be a day long remembered.