Join us for a month of prayer and fasting through January.

Throughout the month, we are asking that you join together in praying for some shared prayer requests as well as personal requests you'd like to seek God about. We will be providing some times for shared online prayer each week, some space for personal prayer throughout the month, and a shared time of fasting. Here are some ways you can get involved and the shared requests we'd ask you to pray for.

Lakewood Corporate Prayer Requests

  1. God’s mercy for our province with the many recent challenges.

  2. God would stir hearts & open opportunities to share about Jesus in our neighbourhoods.

  3. Our church would be a house of prayer & renewal.

  4. Spaces of deep spiritual friendship within our church family.

  5. Walking in loving unity as a church family.

  6. Care for the vulnerable in our church and community.

Ways to Get Involved

Opportunities to Pray

Weekly Online

  • Tuesday mornings at 7:15am
  • Thursday evenings at 7:00pm
  • During the week in the Sanctuary (contact the office)
  • Praise & Prayer Service January 30, 10:30am

Church-Wide Food Fast

We encourage those who are able to join in one of our church-wide food fasts and expect to see God do great things in your life and in our church.

  • 1 Day Fast on Wednesday, January 19
  • 3 Day Fast From Tuesday, January 18 to Thursday, January 20

Personal Prayer Goals for January

  • Big personal prayer requests I’m praying and fasting about:


  • Fasts - What kind and duration of fasts are you going to do this month? Food? Media? Other?