Core Elements of the Kainos Way

1. A common “rule of life”

– an intentional pattern for forming our habits, guiding our hearts, and guarding our lives; shared practices of body, mind, heart, friendship and community.

2. Community

– In the Christian tradition, a ‘rule of life’ is held in common with others who are sharing in the journey, recognizing that we will become fully human – living the lives God meant for us to live – only in community.

3. Commitment

– participation in the Kainos Way is a commitment that is embraced freely and gladly. We commit with intentionality to practice the spiritual disciplines and weave them into our home life, work responsibilities, hobbies and friendships.

4. Friends

– participation in a small group with a minimum of two others to meet regularly – preferably in person or via a helpful digital platform – for encouragement, prayer and mutual sharing of life’s joys and sorrows.

5. Commons

– once every 6-8 weeks, the community congregates to share a meal, or by technology, for a brief gathering to discuss a particular spiritual practice.