Individual Spiritual Practices, Together

A part of being involved in The Kainos Way is an individual commitment to a set of spiritual practices, and then sharing with a couple spiritual friends (triad) regarding your experience of God in those practices.


Prayer: seeking communion with God, we pray 3 times each day:

- Morning - Beginning our day with God before turning to our devices), we spend time talking with and listening to God. 
- Midday – Reflecting on the morning’s events and anticipating the afternoons callings. Perhaps using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide.
- Evening – reading and meditating on a prayer of “examen” – a short prayer at day’s end to bring all elements of our day to God.

Scripture: listening for the voice of God, we read scripture each day, immersing ourselves in God’s story. If you have a reading plan, keep going. If you need ideas, please reach out to ask.

Digitally Disengage: recognizing the power of digital media and technology to twist, detract, and entertain, we will unplug and rest from our devices for a minimum of one waking hour.


Silence: we commit to a 30 minute period of silence - an occasion to waste time with God (ex. a short walk in a park or a cup of tea).

Fasting: we give ourselves to fasting part of one day per week (ex. fasting from a meal, or some other form of saying “no” – TV, media, coffees etc.).

Common Worship: we will join with God’s people for gathered or digital worship when possible. It is suggested that the shape of the Sabbath day would emphasize appropriate rest and refreshment.


Friendships: we will meet either in person or virtually in a small group with a minimum of two others for encouragement, checking in, and a time of prayer for each other and our neighbourhood.

Hospitality: knowing Jesus did some of his best work over a meal and countering the prevalent isolation and loneliness, we will practice sharing a meal with others.

Every 6-8 weeks:

Commons: we will meet with the larger community, with a brief reflection and discussion of a spiritual practice. Our first meeting will be via Zoom on March 6.